Drain Clogs? Keep Calm & Relax!

Kitchen and bathroom sinks play an important role in every household. They connect our drainage system to the main sewer lines. So if you notice they aren’t working right, you know you’ve got a case of clogs. Fortunately, taking care of clogs can be handled right away. You can take advantage of a drain repair service or handle it yourself with these simple DIY methods:

Hot Water Method

Tackle clogs with hot water! Boil water and pour it slowly down the drain. Pour at least three times with at least 15 seconds interval for each pour. Through this simple drain repair method, not only can you save on expenses, you can also have a cup of hot coffee or cocoa after a job well done.

Vinegar & Baking Soda Method

If pouring hot water doesn’t do the trick, don’t despair just yet! You can use the vinegar & baking soda method. Pour a half box of baking soda down the drain. After which, you won’t be adding any water, rather a half cup of vinegar. Give it a moment and you’ll see the “volcano” reaction happening in your own drain. After doing this, you can pour hot water down the drain.

Plunger Method

Sometimes, large objects will clog your sink or, in some cases, get so clogged that it is almost impossible for water to flow through. When this happens, get a cup-shaped plunger. Of course, it is important to remove any metal strains or any other obstacles from the sink. After which, use fast plunges to unclog your sink.

If you find it too difficult to take care of your drain installation, feel free to call a professional. Here at Kecko Plumbers, we strive to ensure each household in Riverside, CA has a functional sink and drainage system. Whenever you need a drain repair service, don’t hesitate to call us right away at (951) 505-3815.