Common Drain Problems

A drainage system is a fundamental part of a building. It directs the flow of wastewater from a property to the main sewer line of the city. With its function, it is ill-advised to neglect fixes. Minor problems can escalate into major disasters. For this reason, take advantage of a drain repair service. A professional can handle simple to intricate problems. Here are some common drain problems they handle:

Tree Roots

It is no surprise that tree roots would damage your drainage system. Tree roots follow moisture through the soil. Since a drainage system is typically abundant with moisture, you can expect it to be intruded by roots. Roots will insert themselves into your pipeline, causing major damage. A drain repair service typically uses a rooter to handle this problem.

Fat, Oil, and Grease Buildup

Many people think that once fat, oil, or grease goes down a drain installation, they flush all the way to the main drain lines without any problems. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In fact, oil and fat build up around pipes. The more grease going down the drain, the more this buildup becomes a blockage. Even if you pour boiling water, it might not resolve this problem. Call a drain repair service provider. They have the knowledge and the right tools to take care of this problem.

Sentimental Items

Every homeowner doesn’t want their toys, rings, or other items with value to go down the drain. As these items have their own sentimental or fiscal value, you’ll probably try your best to get these back. A drain repair specialist can help you out. Although this doesn’t necessarily concern the drain system, expertise is needed to disconnect and reconnect pipes where personal items might be found.

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